We know from personal experience how hard it can be to not only create, prepare, and build a crowdfunding campaign, but to also manage and run that campaign.

The devil is definitely in the details before launching… it’s incredibly easy to get in over your head once funded if you’ve misjudged costs. We help you figure out what information needs to be compiled to properly estimate the final cost to fulfill your campaign obligations efficiently once your project has been funded!

Then there is the work that comes after a successful campaign!

Coordinating fulfillment can be equally as daunting, but with a solid post-funding strategy, it doesn’t have to be.


We help put together an organized plan for your campaign, launch and run the campaign for you, manage funds, and coordinate delivery of your project and fulfillment obligations by:

Developing a cost analysis necessary for setting your campaign goal;

Includes coordinating accurate estimates for the production of your project;

Estimating shipping costs;

From production site to the warehouse;

From the warehouse directly to backers;

Developing a detailed timeline to manage fulfillment.

Our Goal

We have a special interest in helping people who have good products but maybe not the expertise or follow-through to get a product completed and delivered on time. We especially like to work with folks who have run campaigns in the past that were, for lack of a better word, mismanaged. Second chances and all that.

Admit it, you’ve probably backed a crowdfunding campaign that had so much potential to be amazing, but they were unfortunately mismanaged with poor communication to backers and also more than likely underestimated costs which, in the end, proved detrimental to the prompt delivery of their campaign.

This is where we got our idea. Some people are great idea people and some people are great management people… they are not always the same person.

We want to help get those amazing ideas produced with quality, efficiency, and timeliness.

Ready to get started?