How it Works

Before we even begin, your product must be COMPLETE. It is our belief that the clearest way to a successful campaign is to start with a completed product. This eliminates any potential hold-ups with the delivery of your project.

1. We are selective about what projects we take on.

We want to insure that you have a project that is likely to succeed and is also one we would back ourselves.

3. Completing a project timeline.

We will also put together a feasible timeline for your project in terms of launch, campaign, production, and delivery.

2. If your campaign is chosen.

If we choose your campaign to manage, we’ll work together on developing a cost analysis and overall goals to include production, shipping, and fees.

4. Campaign development.

Once these items have been addressed, we’ll facilitate writing and developing the text for the campaign itself, as well as generating the art assets for the project page.

How Much Does it Cost?

We charge 5% of what you raise on your crowdfunding campaign and aren’t paid until the project successfully funds. This cost is factored into our cost analysis.

Ready to get started?