Why KickCTRL?

Our approach to organizing and planning crowdfunding campaigns goes way beyond a topical approach. We dig into the details to make sure your project delivers exactly the right items to your backers, efficiently, and on time.

How Do We Effectively Estimate Costs?

We have specific companies that we work with for all aspects of the process.

  • Printing. We work with an established printer out of Shanghai that produces high quality:

Novels (both soft and hardcover).




Graphic Novels (both soft and hardcover).

Games (cards, boards, components, etc).

  • Packing & Shipping. We work with a specific warehouse that specializes in packing and shipping. They are located in Chicago.

Since our printers and warehouse are known quantities, we can effectively estimate the costs to not only print your product, but also create accurate timelines for production, shipping, and delivery.

Ready to get started?